I love riding the blurry line between playing and teaching music. It is a multi-layered spiraling rainbow line, filled with twists and turns into infinitely inspirational lands.
-Ingrid Jensen

Education Videos

Discover Jazz – Ingrid Jensen

In Ingrid Jensen’s hands, the trumpet reaches far beyond its expected potential, ranging from soulful to breezy to contemplative. Along with her quartet, this performance features her sister, saxophonist Christine Jensen. After graduating from Berklee in 1989, Jensen went from playing subway stations in New York to the music halls of Japan, South America, the Caribbean, and almost every country in Europe and Scandinavia. Jensen‘s resume of collaborators includes British singer-songwriter Corrine Bailey Rae, with whom she performed on Saturday Night Live, and Maria Schneider, who led Jensen in Gil Evans’ Porgy and Bess at the San Francisco Jazz Festival. Nominated twice for Canada’s Juno award, Jensen won in 1995 for her album Vernal Fields.

Infinitude: Margareta, Christine​ and Ingrid Jensen​ w/ Ben Monder

For many Jazz lovers, sisters Christine and Ingrid Jensen represent the pinnacle of creativity and virtuosity in Jazz. Montreal based Christine is now a dual Juno Award winner for her lauded large ensemble work, and older sister Ingrid is renowned in the New York Jazz scene, filling key chairs in the Grammy winning orchestras of Maria Schneider and Darcy James Argue.

Ingrid Jensen And Steve Treseler Play Kenny Wheeler

The late, distinctively melodic jazz composer Kenny Wheeler was also a great trumpet player, though, being famously self-effacing, often declined to toot his own horn about his talents. Many musicians sang his praises, though, and when he died in 2014, saxophonist Steve Treseler and trumpeter Ingrid Jensen were inspired to revisit his music. As they traded notes and arrangements, they realized they had to record these tunes which had been so influential to their growth as musicians. So Jensen, herself a Pacific Northwest native, brought herself and her top:notch rhythm section to Treseler’s hometown of Seattle, Wash. to make an album — and play some of it for the public. Jazz Night In America flew to Seattle to capture Steve Treseler and Ingrid Jensen’s tribute to Kenny Wheeler, live from the musician-owned Royal Room.

Marianne Trudel Trio & Ingrid Jensen

A Jazz, Period. film Marianne Trudel Trio & Ingrid Jensen – “Soon”

Gray Matter – Footsteps

This is the title track from Toronto based Jazz ensemble Gray Matter’s debut album. “Footsteps” will be release on March 11, 2015. Co-lead by Toronto-born brothers Justin and Derek Gray, this fusion of jazz/R&B group pushes the envelope of genre-boundaries and introduces the next generation of Canadian music-makers. Gray Matter teams Grammy-award winning Ingrid Jensen on trumpet with 35-time internationally award-winning tenor saxophonist Eli Bennett, and Juno-nominated pianist Todd Pentney.

Ingrid Jensen Quintet, “Opening Part 1-2” & “Travel Fever”, The Checkout Live at Berklee

Ingrid Jensen performs “Opening Part 1-2” and “Travel Fever” live as part of The Checkout – Live at Berklee.

“Landings” by Ingrid Jensen, Gina Schwarz Pannonica Project

The P&B Stageband Live @ Porgy & Bess, Vienna, 17. Mai 2018 Gina Schwarz Pannonica Project feat. Ingrid Jensen (A/USA)

Orrin Evans – Liberation Blues

The title track from Orrin’s 2014 release, live at Jazz Standard, Nov 2015, with Bill Stewart on drums, Luques Curtis on bass, JD Allen on tenor sax and Ingrid Jensen on trumpet.

Tobias Meinhart with Ingrid Jensen at Cornelia Street Cafe.

‘Purple Space’ / song by Tobias Meinhart at Cornelia Street Cafe, New York.

“At Sea” by Ingrid Jensen, Gina Schwarz Pannonica Project

The P&B Stageband Live @ Porgy & Bess, Vienna, 17. Mai 2018 Gina Schwarz Pannonica Project feat. Ingrid Jensen (A/USA)

Marianne Trudel & Ingrid Jensen – Choral (court/short)


Marianne Trudel avec / with Ingrid Jensen

Dani Gurgel – Voou [feat. Ingrid Jensen]

“Voou” composed by Daniel Santiago & Dani Gurgel dedicated to Ingrid Jensen

Mr Jackson – Kristin Berardi, Ingrid Jensen, Miro Sprague, Marty Jaffe @ NYC2018

Mr Jackson – written by Kristin Berardi. KB vocals, Ingrid Jensen – trumpet, Miro Sprague- pno, Marty Jaffe – bass. Live Concert at Michiko studios, Midtown NYC, April 2018.

Cortelyou – Live at Cornelia St Cafe: Andrew Hadro w/ Ingrid Jensen

A live performance of “Cortelyou” by Andrew Hadro. From the album release party for Andrew Hadro’s second album, “For Us, The Living II: Marcescence”.

Crystal Silence – Dan Pugach Nonet + Ingrid Jensen + Melissa Mcmillan

Performed live at Rockwood Music Hall on October 25, 2015 in NYC.