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Ingrid Jensen
Geoffrey Keezer
Jon Wikan
Matt Clohesy
Hugo Alcazar
At Sea Listen!
Cymbal Storm
Capt'n Jon Listen!
As Love Does
Tea and WaterColors
There is No Greater Love
Everything I Love
Kd Lang

‘I lived along the shining sea ~ Was there my true love came to me ~ In dreamy, misty afternoons~ And evenings filled with summer moons...(excerpt from the lyrics of At Sea by Ingrid Jensen)

“It’s you, it’s you. Keep it!!!”- My grade 9 English teacher wrote beneath a poem of mine that recently inspired me to write lyrics for At Sea. Her words of excitement ring loudly in my ears as I listen back to the music on this recording, my first for ArtistShare. As with life, love and learning, come many peaks and valleys, so has my journey been one of joys and pitfalls. More joy, by far, as I grow and embrace my ‘path’, documenting various episodes with music and ideas that evolve out of my many adventures.